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Agro-Fuel Investments Limited was incorporated on 22nd July 1981 and has its operational headquarters in Lusaka. The Company is specialised in transport and logistics services, and also has a spare parts retail shop.

Haulage Capacity.

The haulage capacity of the transport division is in the region of 1,920 metric tonnes at any given time. The current haulage capacity enables the company to adequately meet domestic transportation requirements for agricultural and manufacturing produce as well as Zambian exporters of cement, sugar, maize, lime, minerals, etc. The company has special focus in providing competitive transportation to exporters and importers using the port of Mpulungu on the Lake Tanganyika.

Over 40 years experience at providing outstanding services.


GPS Monitoring of Trucks

All our trucks are connected to 24-hour GPS tracking system. The company has trained information technology specialist, who monitor the movement of trucks, which enables the company to provide reliable and secure transportation services to its customers, ensuring that drivers adhere to road safety rules.

Automotive Service Workshop

The company runs a full fledged transport workshop for its own use at Plot No. 8489 Lumumba Road, Lusaka. We have technical staff serving in the Automotive Service Workshop. The workshop has service vans and road patrol vehicles.

Personnel for Fleet Management

The transport division has a team of qualified and well experienced personnel, comprising of logistics manager, logistics supervisors, drivers all engaged in upholding our SHEQ Policies. Our drivers have undergone defensive driver training, health and safety inductions and firefighting and first aid. The training is done on a periodic basis.

Experience in Transport Services.

The company has over 40 years of experience in serving multiple customers hailing from both private and public sectors. The major customers are manufacturing companies, milling and agro-processing companies, farmers, Government agencies and institutions, trading companies, etc. A large portion of its cargo comprises of maize, cement, sugar, beans, oil, steel, tobacco, fertilizer, seed, coal etc.

Other Services

The transport division is equipped with 2 tow trucks, 3 low bed trailers to move abnormal load, container lift trailer and a crane truck.

Weigh Bridge Scale

The Company has a truck weigh bridge scale, which enables the company to weigh and carry accurate axle load, which is essential for satisfying the customers need. It also enables the Company to comply with axle load regulations introduced by the Government.

Areas Serviced.

Energy Industry
Agriculture Industry
MIning Industry
ConStruction Industry

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