Transport & Logistics.


Cargo transportation, export and import logistics management represents a major activity of the Company. The transport division of the company operates a fleet of sixty (60) heavy duty and long distance haulage trucks providing reliable cargo transportation services within Zambia and also neighbouring countries such as Botswana, DRC, Malawi, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Annual Tonnages

The following tonnages were transported in the past years; 1. 31,700MT 2015 2. 30,800MT 2016 3. 94,200MT 2017 4. 44,000MT 2018 5. 39,452MT 2019 6. 24,817MT 2020 7. 31,484MT 2021


All our trucks are connected to a 24-hour GPS satellite tracking system. Our telematics hardware are carefully sourced and installed in-house. We also have trained information technology personnel, who monitor the movement of the trucks, to enable us to provide reliable and secure transportation services to our customers. We also have a fully-fledged workshop at our Headquarters with highly trained and qualified staff. Therefore, we can maintain our vehicles on the go, and rest assured they are in good working condition. In an unfortunate event of a breakdown, we have a dedicated Breakdown & Recovery team with a recovery tow-truck, enabling us to assist our vehicles in minimal time.


Safety and Quality are of prime concern. At Agro-Fuel, our drivers undergo a rigorous screening and road test before being selected. They are also given driving and safety inductions. They undergo in-cab assessments and are regularly educated on defensive driving techniques and are carefully monitored to ensure their compliance is met. Agro Fuel fully supports and implements HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment and Quality). The company has HSEQ management policies which it continuously improves and promotes amongst its workforce.


We have a range of Flat-Bed trailers which are suitable for most cargo as well as containers.
We also have Drop-side trailers which can be used for transporting commodities such as maize, fertilizers etc.
We also have a fleet of Bulk cement tankers which have been continuously used for large construction projects.
Also, under our fleet, we have a Low-Bed trailer which we use for Abnormal loads. With safety patrol vehicles to escort the cargo.

Diverse Logistics

Areas Serviced.

Energy Industry
Agriculture Industry
MIning Industry
ConStruction Industry

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